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Great North Festival 2015 - Maine, USA

Last year I was invited to participate as one of the international artists at a grassroots music & art festival in Norridgewock - Maine, USA. I'd never  been to the States before and what I discovered there at Last Breath Farm was something entirely different to the subconscious expectations that a lifetime of imported media had impressed upon me. It was something a lot closer to my upbringing in the South Island of New Zealand. Breath-taking landscapes, trees for miles and masses of colorful, gifted and laidback people. Everyone had a smile and a story, and I found more than a few of my own. All gratitude to Dubba, Hicks, Timothy, Ponders, Gabriel Welch, Chris Dyer, Adam Psybe, and the scores of incredible people that made my experience there so awesome. I'm looking forward to coming back in 2016 to hang and jam with my Gr8North fam.


Check out a sweet Huffington Post review and more pics of the festival: here.


Photos this page: Otis Chamberlain, Loraine Dockery, Stephen Canino.

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